Wordle Suggestions

This application provides suggestions for solving Wordle. It works best if you've already tried a few guesses and know several letters that appear in the word. The list of suggestions can be quite long otherwise.


Use a simplified regular expression to describe the letters you know (green letters) (optional)


  • ^..e : you know the third letter from the beginning is 'e', but not the first two letters
  • y$ : you know the last letter is 'y'


List letters that you know the word contains, but you don't know where they go (yellow letters) (optional)


  • asd: you know the words contains the letters 'a', 's', and 'd', but you don't know their placement order their order.

Suggestions are prepared using the US-English Hunspell dictionary. There is no guarantee that this dictionary's contents match Wordle's dictionary.

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