Horace (Quinn) Jones

Email: quinn_jones@pobox.com


Applications Software Engineer @ Analog Devices

April 2016 — present

Working in Perl, PHP, C# .NET Core, JavaScript, SQL, Bash, Linux, leading full-stack web application development: collect requirements; determine architecture; develop, test, and maintain projects through lifecycle; and provide end-user support. Act in a senior role to other developers. Conduct code reviews, coach other developers, prioritize tasks, communicate with customer groups, and document procedures, standards, and architecture.

Highlights: Created custom apps to exchange large files w/ semiconductor foundries; added Perl/Mojolicious API to core PHP web app, integrated with other applications; currently building out new applications in C# / .NET Core on Linux.

Software Engineer @ Endurance International Group

May 2012 — March 2016

Developed and maintained software interfaces for third-party software and APIs, as well as maintained proprietary vDeck control panel software. Worked in Perl and Mason, some JavaScript and Bash. Collaborated with other engineers, website developers, and QA on a variety of projects.

Highlights: Google Apps integration, WordPress integration, various refactoring projects and enhancements

Software Developer @ WinZip Computing, Mansfield CT

Oct 2006 — May 2012

Developed and maintained website CGIs, proprietary e-commerce, software registration system, and reporting using C, Perl, and SQL, occasionally in PHP, Bash, and other languages as required. Collaborated with web designers for website and templates. Admin'ed database, web Linux servers; created/maintained custom RPMs, mentored new developers.

Highlights: Architected & built back-end ZipSend service (2011); built high availability DB cluster w/ Postgres, Slony, heartbeat; interim webmaster/designer (2007-2008)

Technical Highlights

Operating Systems: Gentoo Linux, Debian Linux, Microsoft Windows

Languages: Perl, C, C#, PHP, Bash scripting, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB

Server Software: Apache, git, Subversion (SVN), Samba

Occasionally work with: jQuery, XML, C++, SQLite, VirtualBox, Agile Development, REST, Memcached